Since 2009 MUNDIS developed several innovative Mobile Business Solutions for various industries and business areas. In our approach we value your initial mobile product idea and are always happy to provide our own input on how to improve your future product, leverage its features and bring uniqueness to the user experience. We’re always eager to help you understand what will make your mobile app more sustainable, attractive to users and profitable.
We will also assist you with identifying the ideal platform for your mobile app development, functionality options, hosting requirements, app evolution, optimized retention, enterprise or app store deployment, desired analytics, and much more! We deliver reasonably priced custom mobile apps that address operational efficiency with strong impact and justifiable ROI.

Some examples of App development projects in which MUNDIS was involved in de definition and/or development:

  • Augmented reality App (monumental and archeological objects)
  • Catalogue App (displaying products, specifications and prices)
  • Cinema App (agenda, previews, deals, reservations and ticketing)
  • Tour App (supporting Alpe d’Hu6ez and Across Europe)
  • Monument App (inspection of monumental and archeological objects)
  • Store checker App (checking product presentation in stores)
  • Track & Trace App (planning, monitoring, reporting)
  • Sales App (product presentation, customer data, pricing, ordering)
  • Security App (planning, verifying, alarm handling and reporting)
  • Educational App (supporting training reinforcement)

These Apps are robustly developed in iOS, Android, Windows and/or HTML5, all supported by a web application. The complexity of the web application depended on the possibility to connect to the customers backend applications.

Mundis developed and owns the IP rights of the Inspection App and the Sales App and provides them on a license fee, including the hosting services of the web application.