MUNDIS guarantees a cost-effective software development solution at a high professional level. With the newest technologies and IT skills needed we deliver timely web and mobile solutions with global access to support your business goals. MUNDIS successfully delivered solutions in various industries and business areas.

Project support:

You have an idea, but need help structuring it in terms of technology choice, timeline and budget? Initial strategy will continue to influence your business growth and long-term profitability, so solid professional advice from the very beginning is a wise investment. We use a technology-neutral, platform-agnostic approach to evaluate your real software needs and build a solution that will ultimately help you reach your ROI and achieve your business goals.

Product Initiation
One of the first things we focus on before undertaking your project is the market analysis to identify your target audience, competition and your future products’ opportunities in the marketplace. This approach guarantees that we have the right market positioning ideas in mind from the moment the development phase of your new product begins. We start from scratch and look with you to find solid ideas, approaches and technologies to use for the mobile solution we are gearing to create for you.

Prototyping and Design
User Interface (UI) design and prototyping are essential tools to utilize in any software product development life cycle. Creating flexible system and technical architecture prototypes are necessary to understand the scope of development and to quickly adapt to meet changing needs and business goals. In terms of ROI, creating and modifying prototypes is a more effective solution than making changes during the actual product development.

The most important and time consuming stage of the entire development process is when we roll up our sleeves and turn the requirements and prototypes into the polished products. Developers create code, graphic designers render the visual aspects of your product’s UI, and all these tasks are brought together to create a product that’s ready to launch into the respective marketplace. Our AGILE/SCRUM based approach gives you a maximum insight and influence. As a result, you get your software product on time, on budget and on value, needed to effectively launch, maintain and operate it.

IT Consultancy:

Our (local) consulting experts can help you to:

  • set your project objectives and priorities
  • plan your software development cycle and determine critical milestones and expectations
  • develop a proactive issues resolution strategy
  • structure your software development team and distribute roles and responsibilities

As a business decision maker, you will agree that time is one of the most precious factors in today’s chase for the market leadership, so the faster you deliver solutions to your end users, the higher the possibility for you to grow and mature and beat the competition. To support you locally, Mundis provides services in:

  • Interim management
  • Project and Service management
  • Requirements management
  • QA and test management
  • Infrastructure services